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This is a question I have asked myself often. I was asked to be the Director of Outreach for SWM. When I was first asked, my heart was filled with joy. I want to be involved in something that is always reaching outward to help those in need. That really describes my responsibilities as the Director of Outreach! We recently had the annual time for our missionaries to come together for a wonderful fellowship. We were challenged to do more for God, and we received instruction. One of the things that I shared when it was my turn to present, was the need for our team to pray for Deaf churches and ministries across our nation and around the world. We then mentioned the many different Deaf Churches and their pastors that we were familiar with. We also mentioned other mission boards that have missionaries to the Deaf. We then compiled a list of these churches and pastors, and different boards that have missionaries like us, trying to help the Deaf. We committed to pray for these pastors and missionaries. It has been my joy to bring these folks before the Lord on a weekly basis. There is something that I have learned in this process that I would like to share with you. I thought I was praying for the benefit of the pastors and missionaries on my list. The reality is that I am doing that, but God has also been ministering to my heart as I consider what each of these people is doing to make a difference in the Deaf world. We are not in competition as we are all involved in reaching out (Outreach) to the lost and hurting Deaf people around the world. As I pray for them, I am blessed to know that Silent Word is not alone. Many others are also involved as we work side-by-side to make a difference in our deaf world. We are honored to be a part of a ministry that is reaching out to the lost Deaf around the world. Please pray for us to continue with this vision! Our goal is to serve the Lord as we serve many Deaf Ministries.

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