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Recently, we were challenged by Ted Camp to share the helpful things we have learned to those who are following us. What worked for us will work for them. Theme: “What we know, you will know.” As I thought about the things that I have learned, I thought about my parents. They were both good examples for me to follow. My parents both graduated to Heaven in the month of September (mother 2007, father 2020). I often take walks when we are home. I walk up the road about a mile to the cemetery where their bodies are buried. As I walked there this morning, I thanked God for the many lessons they taught me. One of those lessons is the main reason I am a missionary today, and why I was given the position of Outreach Director of SWM. My parents taught me that it was a sin for me to keep silent about the greatest gift a person could receive. When I was a boy (6 years old), I asked Jesus to forgive my sins. That day I believed that Jesus died for me, was buried, and rose from the grave. That day, Jesus forgave me, and gave me eternal life. My parents are there in Heaven now, and I am glad I made that decision. I need to tell others about Christ as they told me. God touched my heart to tell others, especially Deaf people! I am thankful that the last 59 years of my life I have been honored to reach out to others, to tell them how to touch Heaven. The good news – the Gospel – is that Jesus died for everyone’s sins. He offers this gift to everyone who will receive it. I hope you have received Jesus as the payment for your sins, like I did as a six-year-old boy! I am thankful for parents who loved Jesus, the Bible, and the Lord’s house. I am blessed because I have an eternal home waiting for me. I am also blessed that both my father and mother are already there waiting for me. Will I meet you there? Please decide to trust Jesus while you have the opportunity. Tomorrow may be too late.

I know I am saved, and I want you to know what I know (1 John 5:13).

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