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SWM has been in transition for some time. As founder, I have been meeting twice a year with our Executive Operating Board that includes our president and operations director, Jon Barr, vice president and SWM outreach director, Jim Bracelin and an assistant and advisor, Frank Rasmussen. At these meetings I simply teach, “What I know, you will know.” The three of them and their wives know what was successful and what was unsuccessful, what worked and what did not work these many years. Someone asked a wise business man, “How do you know how to make a good decision.” He said, “By making bad decisions.” A person that cannot be helped is the person that makes the same mistake twice. Also you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped. Through Fantastic Saturdays, ASLIs and other SWM meetings, what I know, plus what our team knows, you will know. Then what you know, your leaders, people and ministry will know. As you know, you and your ministry will know and grow. As you know and grow, we all know and grow. The Holy Spirit works through us as vessels, servants, tools and stewards to build His ministry. You praise the artist not the painting. You praise the carpenter not the tools. You praise the musician not the music. We should be as a glove the Hand of God can fit into. As David often said, “Lord I am thy servant” (Ps. 143:12). This is the plan of God. There is no plan B. In coming issues I will be teaching what I know about deaf people and deaf ministries that could be helpful to you and your ministry. I am here to serve all deaf ministries. My calling is my credentials.

What I Know – You Will Know

  1. No Word – No Work! Without the Word of God there is no Work of God. Always realize that no one is saved without the Gospel – no one (Romans 1:16). No one can spiritually grow without the Word of God – no one (1 Peter 2:2). Also you must always stay involved in the Great Commission (1) Preach the Gospel. (2) Teach Them. (3) Train them to train others to know what they know. This is the purpose of your existence. Keep the main thing the main thing. Preach and teach the Word of God, and you will build the work of God. The Holy Spirit only uses the Word to do His Work. I feel He could say to many ministries. “I could do more if you would give me more to work with.” What I know, you will know. No Word – No Work!
  2. Teach and Train. Teaching is from your head (know) to their head. Training is from your hands (show) to their hands. When God gets your heart, He will use your head and hands. Train: (1) Show how to do it. (2) Let them show you what they know. (3) Leave them alone to do it. (4) Later let them show others how to do it. As they know and grow, your ministry will grow. One can do much, but many can do much more. Determine to delegate. Teach and Train!
  3. Ask questions to find out what they know. Do not simply ask “Yes” or “No” questions. Example: “Are you finished saved?” Most answer, “Yes.” To know what they know ask, “Why?” They will tell you what they know about salvation. They may give many answers, baptism, 10 Commandments, church, etc. You now know what they know from asking good questions. Now you can effectively witness and explain with the Gospel that it is not the church, but Christ. The Word works – Try it. Ask questions to know what they know. The Word Works – Try it!

What I Know, You Will Know! — More Next Issue

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