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A Sign Language Interpreter is a Super Hero, who….

  1. Can listen, think and sign at the same time.
  2. Can remember everything that was said or done for the last hour or two.
  3. Can hear everything, even whispers.
  4. Knows every word in the English language.
  5. Knows every sign possible in ASL, SEE, and PSE.
  6. Can sign ASL, SEE, and PSE at the same time.
  7. Can fix any and every language problem.
  8. Never misunderstands anybody at anytime.
  9. Always wears the perfect color clothing.
  10. Never has his/her own opinions.
  11. Knows the correct spelling of every person’s name.
  12. Can sign every person’s sign name correctly, even if they have not met.
  13. Has memorized all encyclopedias and the Internet.
  14. Never has a bad day (but always carries medicine).
  15. Never complains about any problems.
  16. Can see things happening behind him/her.
  17. Always tells people where he/she is going, even when going to the restroom.
  18. Reads minds of pastors, music leaders, doctors, family members, and Deaf people.
  19. Never makes any mistakes.

    If you are a sign language interpreter in church, you may not believe anything on this list, but don’t tell anyone (just kidding)! They think you are a super-hero.

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