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New signers often ask, “What is the sign for the word _?” Experienced signers reply, “What are you trying to say?” Many words have more than one meaning. The differences can be great. Some words are spelled the same, but have different meanings. Some words sound the same, but have different meanings. Some words sound the same, but have different meanings and different spellings. Consider the many meanings of the word “run.”

After I finished running off some copies, I told Terry I felt run down. She told me if I would stop running off at the mouth so much, she might believe me more. We almost had a run-in about it, but then she noticed that she had a run in her stocking and ran off to change. While she was gone, I ran into Tom. He told me about the run-off election. He ran on and on and even ran down his opponent. I had to leave, as I was running late with my schedule, and I had to run down several people before I could leave. I had no trouble getting my car started. It runs fine since the tune-up. Then I ran into trouble with the runoff from yesterday’s rain. Later I ran out of gas. I was in such a hurry to get to a meeting that I ran a red light and got caught. I’m really worried about running up a lot of tickets. When I finally got to the meeting, the guy who was running it gave me a bad time for being late. I told him I had almost run into a tree in my hurry to get here, and did run over some broken glass. With such a run of bad luck, he was lucky to see me there at all. By the time I got to my run-down house, I felt cold and sick. I woke up this morning with a runny nose. My eyes are running, too. To top it all off, I hurriedly threw my clothes in the washer last night and the colors ran. Is it any wonder that when I ran up the flag this morning, it was upside down? I guess I will run off with a friend and cry. – Author Unknown

Can you sign every meaning of these words? (Use a dictionary.)
Put • Get • Stand • Fall • Call • Go • Strike • Turn • Break • Set Take • Charge • Sign • Bear • Bank • Bark • Date • Minute
Bat • Club • Water • Second • Bow • Type • Row • Saw
Key: Always Consider the Meaning!

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