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HELPS – One of the spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit. “…then gifts of healings, helps, governments (I Cor. 12:28). This gift is often overlooked because it involves doing small things as a helpful servant. It is a gift the same as all the other gifts! Remember, “Little things mean a lot.”

HERESY – Means a departure from Scriptural truth. Heresy usually begins with self-willed opinions and a closed mind. Heresy is a work of the flesh instead of the Spirit. You should reject and shun all heretics (Titus 3:10).

HOLY/HOLINESS – A Christian is to seek holiness or purity, but he will never obtain pure holiness. Holy means to be perfect and pure without sin. Only God is pure Holy (Exodus 15:11). Holiness is as a compass pointing to the north. You can go in the direction of the north, but you will never arrive there. Every Christian should seek to be holy as God is holy (I Peter 1:16). Christians should be blameless and of a good report at all times. Christians should never practice sin. It is never right to sin, never!

HUMILITY/ HUMBLE – Means to be meek, gentle and submitted. Christ was humble. The opposite of humility is pride. Christian humility is to be as Christ. Christians should prefer or honor others more than themselves (Romans 12:10). God hates pride, but He will exalt a person who is humble.

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