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Ref: SWM SH02 $3 Hard KJV Words – Lehman Strauss / A. Snare

I love to preach meanings of Bible words. I make hard KJV Bible words simple so I can sign them. This helps me and I hope it will help you. What Means Bible Words?

Alpha & Omega – (Greek) Alpha is the first letter (A) and Omega is the last letter (Z) of the Greek alphabet. RV 1:8

ABBA – An Aramaic word used among Hebrews (Jews). Abba appears three times in the NT (Mark 14:36; Romans 8:15; Galatians 4:6). Abba means “Father” or “Papa.”

– Enemy – The devil is the adversary of Christians (Nahum 1:2; I Samuel 2:10).

AMBASSADOR a messenger who runs errands for another. He does not represent himself but he represents his master. An ambassador can also represent his country to another country. Twice in NT (2 Cor. 5:20; Eph. 6:20). Christians are ambassadors and messengers for Christ.

ARMAGEDDON – (Hebrew) means “mountain” or “mount of slaughter.” Armageddon will be the last battle of “the times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24; Rev. 16:16).

ASTROLOGY – a heathen (ungodly) practice of using the heavens, stars and moon to predict human happenings or events (Ref: Isa. 47:12,13; Dan. 1:20). Signs of the Zodiac. – Fortune Tellers – Newspapers predict your fortunes. Astrology appears only once in Scripture (Rev. 16:6).

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