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Someone said, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” But in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the top deck of the Nimitz Freeway (San Francisco) collapsed crushing 58 people and their cars. What they did not know sent them into eternity!

Deaf people live in every country. Many still do not know that God loves them, that Jesus died for them, and that they can have forgiveness for their sin and an eternity in Heaven with God. Where will they be for eternity?

Not everyone can learn sign language to reach the Deaf, but God does call some. Has God touched your heart to become a missionary to the Deaf? Are you burdened to help deaf missionaries?

Since 1966, SWM has specialized in deaf ministry, representing Christ to the Deaf world by preaching, teaching, printing, publishing, and evangelizing. One of our many ministries is the Silent Word Mission Board (both USA and foreign).

Meet the SWMB…
Silent Word Mission Board

The SWMB includes like-minded Deaf and Hearing missionaries with a desire to reach the Deaf world for Christ. SWMB has “home” mission team members serving in Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Nova Scotia, Canada. Several are “traveling missionaries,” helping churches reach deaf people all across the United States and Canada.SWM International (David Bennett, SWMI Director), has missionaries to Romania, Liberia, and Gabon.

SWMB is a serving agency, not a sending agency. Each missionary is sent from a local, like-minded church. SWMB assists and acts as an extension of the local church to reach the Deaf for Christ.

SWMB does not circumvent or replace the authority of the local church. SWM provides a mission board to assist local churches in their worldwide mission program, especially with the Deaf.

SWMB seeks to help each missionary reach his or her fullest potential for the Lord and their God-given vision. Each is required to be accountable to his supporters, mission board, sending church, membership church, and God. SWMB assists each missionary with financial accountability and integrity.

SWMB “Ministry of Helps”
The Ministry of Helps program invites qualified Christian laymen to assist SWM in their area of expertise. Our ministry would not be possible without helpers (Romans 12:4-5). Volunteers come for special projects, such as “newspaper day,” or stay with us for a week or longer for major projects. Learn more: SilentWord.org/HelpUs

Come Soar With Us!

Eagle Come Soar

SWMB opens the door for those qualified and burdened to reach the Deaf and serve the Lord with us. Whether you are burdened to reach Deaf people in the USA or foreign countries, or to help SWM through the “Ministry of Helps,” SWM could be the place for you. “Together” we can reach the Deaf world for Christ! After all, what “they” don’t know CAN hurt them!

Has God touched your heart to become a missionary to the Deaf (foreign or USA) or to help in the SWM Ministry of Helps? Do you need help or direction in your ministry to the Deaf? Are you preparing for full-time Christian service as a missionary? We should talk. Contact SWM for more information. Click here to receive more information.
– Jon Barr, SWMB Director

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