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What’s Up? Congratulations to Pastor David R. Mundell and his wife, Carol. They will be celebrating 50 years of deaf ministry on October 9, 2022. They both started with the deaf in 1972, David at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, and Carol at her home church in Ada, OK. After graduation from Liberty University, they married and moved to Kansas City, KS, where David served as pastor to the deaf and administrator of a hearing Christian school. He then served as pastor to the deaf in Denver, CO, and later in Peoria, IL, where he also served as administrator of Temple Deaf College. In 1999, the couple served as administrators of Sword Deaf College. David is currently pastor to the deaf at First Baptist Church of Milford, OH.

What’s Up? Sympathy to the family of Michael Remington, Signs of Life Baptist Church/Remington Deaf Ranch, Phoenix, AZ. His father, Marvin Remington, passed away on May 26, 2022. A memorial service was held on July 29, in Longmont, CO. Michael asks prayers for his mom who now lives near family. Also, pray for Michael as he recovers from knee replacement.

What’s Up? Deaf and Family Camp at Camp Tohiglo, Mercersburg, PA, August 13 – 18, 2022. Speakers: Allen Snare & James Campbell and Pastor Bob Bricker.

What’s Up? On May 22, 2022, Ocean View Baptist Church, Myrtle Beach, SC, celebrated its 40th year of Deaf ministry. It began with a faithful lady with a heart for the deaf, Margene Todd. 42 years ago she learned Sign Language at the Bill Rice Ranch, taught by the late Dr Cathy Rice, who was a role-model and an inspiration to Margene. After attending her second year, she began a church deaf ministry. The ministry began with one deaf person and now averages 15 – 20. She promised that as long as there was one Deaf person, she would be there. She kept that promise! To God be the glory! (Thank you, Margene, for your faithfulness to the Lord, church, family, and the Deaf.)

What’s UP? Jacob and Tammy Roth visited SWM for several days and helped with many projects. Their new ministry, “Steady Help,” helps Deaf leaders and Deaf pastors.

What’s Up? SWMI Missionary to the Deaf and Special Needs, Monique Lindsey is scheduled to leave for her field of service in Liberia, West Africa, in September. Her home church, Faith Baptist, 500 W Lee Rd, Taylors, SC, has planned a mission send-off service for her on Sunday, August 28, 2022 at 6:00 pm. You are invited to attend or view the live web service. Monique is unique with a special heart and an unusual love for those with special needs. Learn more at: MoniquesHeart4Africa.com

Whats Up? Abby and Caleb Gross (MKs from Moldova) visited SWM. SWM donated sign language materials to help them learn how to reach the Deaf in their country! They were excited to meet Ted Camp!

What’s Up? In June 2022, Ephraim Baptist Church for the Deaf, Florissant, MO, celebrated their 17th year anniversary. The church was founded and is pastored by SWM’s Paul & Rachel Strosnider. SilentWord.org/Team/Strosnider

What’s Up? Sympathy to the family of Pastor Dean Lang (86), Reserve, New Mexico, who passed away on July 10, 2022. He was a pastor for 68 years and founder and director of Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Ranch for 47 years. Thousands were reached with the Gospel because of the ministry and servant-hood of this faithful man. His funeral will be conducted on September 3, 2022 at Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Ranch, 627 Highway 32, Reserve, NM.

What’s Up? Recent high school graduate, Lorna Floyd, interned at SWM for several weeks this summer. She learned a lot and helped greatly with some long-overdue SWM projects. Thanks, Lorna!

What’s Up? Just in time before the summer heat, a board member donated two A/C and heat units and SWM friend, David Lynn, installed them. Thanks much!

What’s Up? SWM Missionaries, Ben and Marie Muldoon, are excited to announce the arrival of their twins, William and Penny. Born on July 17, they are both doing well. The Muldoons plan to leave for Romania early next year. Muldoons4D.com.

And That’s “What’s Up”

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