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What’s Up? Beth Barthel, cousin to SWMI’s David Bennett, attended the recent Deliberate Discipleship Retreat. Afterward, she toured SWM’s headquarters and looked at sign language resources. She will be starting a sign language class for home-schoolers in Nebraska.

What’s Up? Two faithful deaf volunteers at SWM, Toni Reaves and Vicki Shiffer. They help in every facet of the ministry office and are very valuable. Thank you Toni and Vicki! May God also bless you for your willing service.

What’s Up? There was a fire, Monday, August 29 in the Bill Rice Ranch Administration Office Building. This is also where the BRR Christian Academy meets. There was a lot of inside damage, but everyone was safe without harm. They are in the process of rebuilding, restoring and replacing. ABeka Books donated new books to replace all that were destroyed in the fire. Rutherford County Baptist Church replaced the desks that were lost. For more information or to donate: www.billriceranch.org

What’s Up? Sympathy to the family of Missionary James Spellman (80), Fairbault, Minnesota, who passed away September 6, 2022. In 1981 he was ordained, and along with his wife, Sandy, served as a church planter and missionary/pastor to the Deaf for the remainder of his life. Funeral was held at First Baptist Church of Fairbault, MN.

What’s Up? Congratulations to Lorna Floyd, recent high school graduate. Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf, where she is active, hosted her graduation ceremony. She is pictured with Dr. Reggie Rempel, and her parents, Robert and Judy Floyd. Lorna is proficient is ASL and a regular volunteer at SWM. For her future, she hopes to be in full-time Christian ministry..

What’s Up? SWMI’s Missionary to the Deaf and Special Needs, Liberia West Africa, Monique Lindsey, enjoyed a special “send-off” service August 28 at her home church, Faith Baptist, Taylors, SC. She is pictured with her administrative pastor, David Stockard, and David Bennett, director of SWMI. Her deputation is finished and everything is ready for her departure. She will soon be on her mission field. God bless you Monique. Many will be praying for you.

What’s Up? Pray for SWM Deaf missionaries, Rusty VanDonkelaar and Joshua “JT” Gorham as they travel in the northeast on deputation. They will also assist the Bracelins in NE Fantastic Saturdays. Schedule them in your church by clicking here.

What’s Up? The National Christian Athletic Association of the Deaf (NCAAD) announce the 2022 co-ed volleyball tournament. It will be November 11 & 12, hosted by Agape Deaf Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, GA. For information contact: Nathan Hill (text) (913)449-7495. Facebook: Nathan Deanna Hill.

What’s Up? WOW! At the recent DeafNation World Expo Jon Barr met a fellow Christian and former student of Andrew Foster (deaf), the first missionary to Deaf in Africa.

What’s Up? View Facebook Ministries and learn the Bible online… Church services: Sword Deaf Ministries, Clinton, TN, (Dr. Fred Adams), Palmetto Baptist Deaf Church, Powdersville, SC, (Pastor Rusty VanDonkelaar) — Deaf Daily Devotion: Dr. Bruce Kelly, (Deaf Baptist Church) Smyrna, GA – Deaf Bible Study: Jim Bracelin (SWM, Northeast)

What’s Up? Harvest Christmas Drama, “The Heart of Christmas,” will be presented in ASL and voice interpreted for hearing 7PM nightly, November 30 to December 4. More Info: Contact: HarvestDeaf.org

And That’s “What’s Up!”

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