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What’s Up? Sympathy to the family of Phyllis Jean Skaggs (87), who passed away on January 15, 2024, in Pekin, Illinois. Phyllis was a faithful wife, mother, grandmother, and servant of the Lord. She had a heart for the Deaf and served for decades as an interpreter for the deaf in Michigan. She was a faithful friend to Ted and Carlene Camp, Allen Snare, and Silent Word Ministries

What’s Up? Harvest Deaf Bible College, Ringgold, Georgia, celebrated its 30th anniversary, May 3, 2024. The celebration included a special banquet and speaker, featuring Dr. Don Sisk who, from the beginning, was a wise advisor and helper to the founders, Dr Reggie and Kim Rempel. Congratulations!

What’s Up? Bible Baptist Church for the Deaf, Seguin, TX, Pastor & Mrs Steve Parker
announce their annual Deaf Ladies Retreat, September 18-21, 2024. Special Speaker: Amy Remington, Deaf pastor’s wife, Signs of Life Baptist Church, Phoenix, Arizona. Plan to attend!– Phone: 512-757-5017

What’s Up? Congrats to 2024 graduates of Harvest Deaf Bible College, Ringgold, Georgia. John Mark Quinlan, Certificate of Biblical Studies, and Christina Rose Burns, Theology in Children’s Ministry.

What’s Up? Sympathy to the family of deaf friend, Edward Dudley, (71) Spokane, Washington, who passed away on April 1, 2024. Ed was called a “Gentle Deaf Giant.” He was 7 feet tall and was generous to anyone who was in need. Ed attended the California School for the Deaf and played on the basketball team and that suited him well, possibly being “The tallest deaf man in the world.” He and his dear wife, Mickey, were married 42 years. His life was a good testimony. Ted Camp met Edward many years ago in a meeting and this picture was made at that meeting.

What’s Up? Second annual “Deaf Women Adventure with God” will be in Hardin, Kentucky, September 27-29, 2024. Retreat speaker is Rebekah Thornton, Bill Rice Ranch, Murfreesboro, TN. Co-hosts: Corey & Michelle Harrison and Nathan & Deanna Hill. www.lifeonthehill.org. FB: Deaf Women Adventure with God

What’s Up? Congrats to James Quinlan and Lydia Holmquist on their marriage, May 11, 2024. James, the son of Eric & Juana Quinlan, missionaries to the Deaf in the Domican Republic, is a student at Harvest Deaf Bible College. Lydia is a graduate of HDBC and the daughter of deaf parents, Pastor Duane & Vernelle Holmquist, El Paso Deaf Baptist Church in Texas.

What’s Up? At the 2024 graduation ceremony of Harvest Deaf Bible College, the Silent Word Ministries’ Outstanding Student Award was awarded to Isaac Mastin. Congratulations!!!


What’s Up? Faithful members of the deaf ministry at Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN, under the leadership of Ken & Dorothy Holloway and Missionary Bob Himes, Bill Rice Ranch Missions.

What’s Up? Never too young to begin learning sign language. Carlene Camp has been tutoring, Cheyanne, age 10, in ASL. Recently she received a certificate for 17 hours of study in basic vocabulary. She also sang in sign language with a children’s choir at her church. Her desire is to become a future teacher of the Deaf and interpreter. Go for it, Cheyanne!!!!!!

What’s Up? Bob & Judy Van Sant, are celebrating 30 years serving with Baptist International Missions. They spent many years in the Ukraine and established churches for the Deaf. Pastor Slava & Pastor Andrei in Crimea, report that even amid the conflict happening now, the churches remain encouraged, and they continue to travel about preaching the gospel. Bob and Judy are involved in “Reseeding America” and are serving the First Baptist Church in Eldora, Iowa. Judy is teaching Beginner ASL at the church which involves others from the community. They have many opportunities to share the gospel and to help in the restarting of the church. Email: bobvansant@gmail.com. (Bob also serves on the Board of Directors of Silent Word Ministries.)

What’s Up? Congratulations to Marilyn Staats (82), Deaf mother of Dawn DaCosta. She trusted Christ as her Savior at the recent Fantastic Saturday at Pacific Baptist Church, Long Beach, CA. Both were very excited! (Pictured with friend Maria.)

What’s Up? Surprise! Mike and Deborah Murray met at the Arizona Fantastic Saturday last year. They are now married. You never know what will happen at Fantastic Saturday!

What’s Up? ongratulations to Joshua VanDonkelaar on his graduation from Bob Jones University. He is the son of Rusty and Cassandra VanDonkelaar (SWM). Joshua is now working as a VRS interpreter.

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  • Gilbert Branagan says:

    Fantastic! I am really pleased with your service in Silent Wor ministries. I love to read spiritual messages written by Jon Barr, Carlene Camp, Reed Condra, Ted Camp and others. I agree one hundred per cent with all. I thank the Lord God for them.. I also have memorized John 14:1 to 20 often… plus many scripture verses. Also, I distribute tracts printed by SWM. Tracts are very good for many people to read and understand clear. May God continue to bless SWM.

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