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Deaf Poems

Will Someone Sign For Me?

By January 19, 2021No Comments

“Will Someone Sign For Me?”

Unknown Author

I know a little silent lad
Who “talks” and “hears” with signs.
Whose sole communication
Is what the hand defines.
He only asks that folk around
Compassionate to be,
That he might take a little part
Of his society.

He tries to meet his creature needs;
Warm shelter and a bed —-
Clean clothes; he seems so grateful
As he eats his daily bread.
He’d love to “hear” our laughter,
He cherishes our smiles,
He loves to “hear” us tell him
That we understand his trials.

“Come, lad, we’ll go to church today
Where salvation is the key
To Heaven’s glorious portals
Through the blood of Calvary.”
Of course, the lad would love to, too,
But his eyes hold forth the plea
As his challenge moves from hand to heart:
Will some one sign for me?

Oh, may I have a little part
In this child’s destiny;
But for the precious grace of God
The deaf one could be me.
So may I meet the challenge
To change his outlook grim—-
To open windows, doors, and worlds:
For I will sign for him!

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