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Jacob returned back to Bethel (Gen. 31:13). The prodigal son returned home (Luke 15:18-20). Naomi returned on the road that would take her back home  (Ruth 1:7). Each was far away from home and God. Each had the same longing to return home to the life they once had with God. Each did not know if they would be accepted. Each wondered what was waiting for them. Each realized they could no longer remain away from God and home. Each remembered loving moments with lasting memories of home and God. Each had regrets and remorse from bad decisions that led them away from home. Each suffered consequences from their choices. They knew they were in the far country by choice not chance. Each knew it was their choice to leave and it is now their choice to return. It was easy to leave but hard to return. Each had to make a choice that would change the future course of their life. Each drifted from God and left the first and best love they had ever known (Rev. 2:4). Each realized their choice brought these consequences.

Sometimes your greatest enemy and your greatest friend is your free-will to choose or decide. Decisions determine directions, and directions determine destinations. Each was now moved and motivated to rise and return home. What they did not realize was that their Heavenly Father at home was conscious of their choices and conditions. They left God, but God did not leave them. Perhaps you are now as the prodigal, Jacob, or Naomi. You have crashed or been crushed are now helpless without hope. Learn: Failure is not Final. What is over your head is under His feet (Eph. 1:22). You left God but God never left you (Heb. 13:5). He is where you left Him.  It is now time for you to become aware of your present conditions. You cannot change your past, but you can change your future. As Jacob, the Prodigal son, and Naomi – rise and return home.

The way back home is to reverse your course and return home. This involves: Reverse – Resolve – Repent – Return – Restore – Rejoice – Yea! Jacob, the Prodigal and Naomi all resolved to leave the far country and return home. They returned and rejoiced, and so can you! The Lord left the light on for you. Is it time for you to come home?  Notice the Father, forgiveness, and favor were waiting for each one. Birthright was waiting for Jacob. Boaz was waiting for Naomi/Ruth. Blessings were waiting for the prodigal son. Choice: Remain – Regrets! Return – Rejoice! Think about it! You know what you have if you remain, but if you return “Wonder what is waiting for YOU? 

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