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I did not have any meetings and did not travel for 3 1/2 months because of the Coronavirus. I began to think about the need for Deaf young men to serve God. I am burdened that we need young Deaf men to become preachers for God. Many Deaf preachers (including me) are over 60 years old. A few older Deaf preachers have already died. Sometimes I think that there is no one to take their places. I pray to God for Deaf young men to give their lives to serve the Lord. My heart desires to see them love to serve the Lord and have the Holy Spirit’s touch on their hearts and lives. Sadly, most Deaf Christians are not faithful to the Lord. Deaf Christians need to have time to pray to God, read their Bibles, go to church, witness to lost Deaf people, surrender their lives to God, and more. I wonder why they do not want to surrender their lives to God. Older Deaf preachers’ hearts break because of the need for young Deaf preachers. We are burdened for the souls of Deaf people. Most Deaf Christians have no excuse for not serving God. Please pray for Deaf Christians to become burdened to reach more Deaf people for Jesus Christ. My heart’s desire is for more Deaf to be saved.

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