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Condensed from obituary: GRAND RAPIDS, MI – “A well-known Christian radio personality, who at the age of nine participated in  the Children’s Bible Hour reading scripts, poems, lessons, and Scriptures. Then after college joined CBH and became known as “Uncle Charlie” died February 22, 2019 at age 84. The CBH (later Keys for Kids Ministry) was heard worldwide for decades.” “Uncle Charlie” is now gone but his works are still following him.  This day he is still heard and aired worldwide as “Uncle Charlie” to millions of children. “Uncle Charlie” is currently aired on thousands of broadcast outlets, translators and satellites in all 50 states and many foreign countries. He died, but his works are still following him.

The rest of the story: Years ago I preached in a Deaf meeting in Grand Rapids. On Saturday while I was walking around the empty church, I could not believe my eyes. I saw a small man in a bright red suit getting off of a big motorcycle. He took off his helmet, entered the church and walked toward me and said, “Hi, I’m Uncle Charlie.” WOW! I met “Uncle Charlie!” The voice my children and other children listen to every Saturday. “I met him!” Uncle Charlie then gave me a tour of his radio studio and told me of his ministry. Afterward, I thought again, “WOW! I can’t wait to tell my children, “I know him!”  Uncle Charlie still remains one of the most unforgettable people I have ever met. Why? Because every Saturday morning on BBN I hear a children’s chorus singing, “Boys and girls for Jesus.” Then I hear a familiar voice and visualize him in his red suit saying, “Welcome boys and girls, this is Uncle Charlie.” Then the children yell, “Hi, Uncle Charlie.” This is why he is so unforgettable, because he has never been forgotten. He died but his works still exist.

Uncle Charlie, J. Vernon Mcgee, Charles Spurgin, John R. Rice, George B. Shea, and many others have died but their works are still following them. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them” (Rev. 14:13). What sort of works will follow you? (1 Cor. 3:13). An inheritance is “what” you leave behind, but a legacy is “who” you leave behind. An inheritance (things) are soon gone, but a legacy (you) lives on and on after you are gone. Don’t love things, love people! “Do your giving while you are a-living, so you will be a-knowing where it’s a-going.

Remember, “Loving moments make lasting memories.” On this day make a legacy of loving moments so on that day you will leave lasting memories. Instead of seeking a life full of years – Seek years full of life. Don’t count your years, but make your years count. So look behind you and you will see Surely, Goodness, Mercy (Psa. 23:6), and also your works following you. Your Works Will Follow You!

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