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Missions conferences have changed the lives of many individuals, families and churches.

Having been a missionary for three decades I have attended and participated in many missions conferences. I have been in conferences in both small, country churches, and in bigger, city churches. I have seen some great conferences and some that were not so great. I have gleaned also from the writings and experiences of other missionaries, mission representatives, and pastors. I have kept my eyes and mind open and evaluated over the years the different ways that conferences have been organized and run. Although there is a lot of room for different approaches in different churches, still there are some major factors to keep in mind when putting together an international missions conference and administrating it well. I seek to be of help by making my observations. I trust you will find many of them to be of assistance to you and to your church’s missions program. In the blog “Missions Conference Ideas”, you will find dozens of pages of resources and ideas to help you in your next missions conferences. We hope that you will take some time to browse and that what you find will stimulate your thinking and be a blessing to your church. If your church has something to contribute (especially pictures!) please send them to us. You have probably thought of something that no one else has. I want to thank each one who has sent information and ideas to me. May God bless you.

David Bennett